Orca Team at The Garage

Join us at The Garage Monday, October 22 to see Orca Team with Flashbulb Fires.

Portland, OR – based Orca Team blew us away last year – so far away, in fact, that we could have sworn it was the 1950s again.  While genres can often be restraining to bands, Orca Team truly owns their well-defined Pop Surf Post Punk sound.  These guys were definitely in the Top-10 of wonderful surprises we had in 2011 and they’re now well-secured in the canon of Garage-favorites.  Denver, CO – based Flashbulb Fires will open the night at 8 PM with their distinctive indie-rock/haze-pop.  Please bring your varsity sweaters and tortoise-rimmed spectacles for this one.

Suggested donation is $5. The Garage is located on N 1st St., across from Lee Park. For more information, email Sam